Management has a 24-hour emergency answering service in place. The direct phone number for the emergency answering service is on the office answering machine. Response times are based on the nature of the emergency.

Maintenance Line: (434) 385-1940

What is an Emergency? There are FEW emergencies. The definition of an emergency is: a life threatening situation such as a fire, flood and/or uncontrollable water, electrical problem, smell of gas, etc. In the event of a life threatening emergency call 9-1-1 immediately.

  • Emergencies causing immediate danger such as fire, call 911 first
  • Emergencies involving gas call the gas company and if necessary, 911
  • Emergencies involving IMMEDIATE electrical danger, call the utility service. Example: If you have a downed power line or an obstruction on a power line, call your utility company provider. Call 9-1-1- (in addition to your power company) if it is a safety or life-threatening hazard).
  • Emergencies such as backed up plumbing or flooding, call the office at (434) 385-1354 during our business hours or call the emergency answering service at: (434) 385-1940.
  • An emergency is NOT inoperable heat, inoperable AC, or an inoperable fridge – these are priority items and we will make it a priority with vendors to have them fixed as soon as possible.

Helpful Maintenance Tips:

  • If the oven does not work: check time-bake to be sure the settings on the unit are not preventing the oven from working. An oven set on time bake WILL NOT HEAT. An oven on time-bake can mean a charge to you.
  • If the air-conditioner/ heat does not work: check ALL circuit breakers.

Stopped up toilet? Be sure to plunge it first.
If your toilet is about to overflow (or has already started) turn the water valve off. The water valve is located at the base, by the wall, of your toilet.

If the electrical does not work in part of the house:
Check your breaker first. IF YOU HAVE GFI PLUGS: Check for the GFI plug, which is usually located in the garage, patio, kitchen, or the bathroom. Reset the GFI plug and most likely, it will restart the electrical. Sometimes there is more than one GFI; it is a good idea to check around the house to be aware if an electrical problem should occur. There may not be GFI plugs in homes built before 1970.
If the electrical does not work anywhere in your home, please call your local utility provider before calling management.

If the smoke alarm does not work:
First, check the batteries. If a new battery does not work, call in a work order. Tenants are responsible for the replacement of batteries. It is important to replace batteries and NOT disconnect the smoke alarm. Normally the smoke alarm will emit a beeping sound when the batteries are not working or losing their charge. Test your smoke alarms every thirty days. If the smoke alarm is not working, call us to place a work order immediately. Remember a smoke alarm is for safety, and it is very important to check it regularly to see if it is working. Do not disconnect or remove a smoke alarm EVER.

In the event of a power outage you would need to contact your service provider.

If you have a minor water leak or can’t locate a cut off valve please place a bucket beneath it, if possible, until maintenance can get there.

Maintenance Contact Center – (434) 385-1940

  • Get access to a live service, 24/7/365 for maintenance calls and online work orders
  • Maintenance is handled in a timely fashion
  • Fast response, no matter the level of emergency